My 1st Mastermind

This weekend, 12 amazing humans came together in search of clarity.

They were already successful in many ways.

They make good money, have good friends and family, and lots of other goals have already been achieved.


They wanted more freedom & flexibility.


They wanted more fulfillment.

I’m grateful to share that we delivered in a big way.

While the work is not finished, their visions are big, their courage is strong, and clarity of the next step is solid.

These 12 people got connected with others who desire a life of intentionality, purpose, and abundance.

They found new ideas, new realities that can exist and are possible, and resources to help make it all happen.

Cheers to these 12 as they embark on their journeys forward with renewed energy, more clarity, and commitments to live a fulfilled life.

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PS: our next event like this one will be Oct 5-8, 2023.

If you want to be on the wait list for more info, let me know or follow this link 👉

Applications will be open soon.

Experience opportunity flow, solutions, ideas, resources, and a network of encouraging – empathetic friends who will push you to your greatness.