The 4 Steps to Live YOUR Good Life

For 25 years or longer, I’ve been on a personal growth and development journey.

I’ve been an avid student and life long learner. I take lots of notes, record conversations, make text messages to myself, read the books, go to the masterminds, hire the coaches, all the things.

And, finally, it kind of hit me around the time that I met Geoff Woods, and started to lean into the models he was teaching in terms of “how do you get to the next level that you’re wanting to grow to?” When all the things came together, I really asked myself, “What’s the bottom line? What are all the books teaching? What are all the masterminds going over? If you could just reduce it into the top steps, what are they?”

Basically, it came down to 4.

#1: Clarity– Knowing What You Want

What is “the good life?” The Good Life is the life you want to live. It’s your life you intentionally chose and decide you want to live– regardless of your circumstances and regardless of your past– you get to decide the future you want to live. 

Whatever that is, that’s your good life.

So to live the good life, you have to know what you want. You have to have clarity around your purpose and your desired future self. 

A simple hack is to answer a series of questions. Let’s pretend I haven’t seen you in the last 5 years and all of a sudden we run into each other and I say “*insert your name*! How is life treating you? How are you doing?” And you answer by saying, “Wyatt, I have to slap myself every single hour because I can’t believe this is the life I get to live. It feels like a dream.” 

  • What’s happening to your passive income for you to give me that answer?
  • How much money is in your bank account? 
  • How much passive income do you have? 
  • What about your job? 
  • Do you even have a job? 
  • What about your physical health? How is it? 
  • Your blood pressure? Your body fat? Can you run a marathon? 
  • What about your key relationships? 
  • Your personal hobbies? 
  • Your business? 
  • Your finances? 

Most people don’t have an answer.

And that’s why most people will live lives of average.

Not because they can’t get what they want but simply because they haven’t decided what it is they want.

So just asking the questions, “what does your good life look like?” What does your desired future self look like? That’s Step 1 of what all the books are teaching you. And, if they aren’t teaching you that then they assume you already have the answer.

#2: Relationships are Everything.

You gotta get into relationships with people who are already living the life that your desired future self has.

#3: Environment.

There is no greater influence on your behavior than your physical environment. So, what are the behaviors you need to become habits that build your desired future self? Whatever those behaviors are, you need to design your environment to support those behaviors.

#4: Community.

Find a community. Find your tribe of like-minded people. It’s one thing to have a relationship with a few people but’s another whenever you are part of a community of all those people who are on the same playing field as you (or higher) that can allow you to be exposed to more conversations, more ideas, and that accelerates the rate at which you can grow.

Bonus Step: Productivity tools and hacks.

Figuring Out the Productivity Hacks — the tools and the resources that actually help drive your accountability on a daily basis.

And we teach and coach all those inside of The Mentee Podcast and The Mentorship Mastermind Community.

Getting clear starts with your “identity” and how you see yourself. Your identity is the reoccurring story you tell yourself– the narrative. And most people’s story is rooted in their past. “I am this way because of all of the things that have occurred in my past.”

When really, and you need to hear this, we can rewrite our story any time we want (the story of our desired future self), start rehearsing that story today, and that’s how we have identity change.

Most people have trauma and because trauma is in the past, it’s easier to remember our past than to imagine our future. And so people stay stuck. But that’s why clarity around what you want is so important. So go find other people and environments that provoke clarity of your desired future self. Whatever it is that you need, go find people and your environment and a community that fosters it. If it’s to make new relationships, that’s what The Mentee is all about– helping you understand how to create new relationships so you don’t have to know how to do all this, you just figure out what’s the 1 thing that you need and you go find other people that are already doing it. 

Whether it’s clarity, relationships, environment, or communities (whatever it is) it all falls under the bottom line of success.