Goal Setting

The Purpose of a Goal What is its purpose and how does it affect your behavior? When I became fascinated with the methodology behind The One Thing – one of the first things I learned was this lesson: the purpose of a goal. The purpose of a goal is to be intentional within the moment. […]

How Desires Shape Your Goals

What new things have you exposed yourself to over the last week? Desires come from the world you’re exposed to. Your desires are trained responses to your environment and past experiences. They are always up for modification. You can intentionally choose what you want, and you can train yourself to want anything. That’s where you […]

What We Offer to Real Estate Agents in a Shifting Market

Realtors, in a shifting market, you may need to shift your strategies, too. I have a Real Estate Sales TEAM, Kaizen Home Sales & Services, where we offer: A productive, supportive, and fun culture! Education, Resources, and Strategies to be successful in life & business! Transaction Support Staff (measuring houses for all listings, runner, professional […]