Me Time — Making All The Pieces Work

Just finished my second day of stadiums in a row.

My fitness plan currently includes 5-30 minute sessions of intense cardio a week.

Great ‘thinking’ time for me with no podcast, no books, no music.

Just me and the stadium.

My thoughts to share from my run are towards being intentional with time spent for those of us with kids who will soon start back to school.

Plan a day before school starts back to take off from work, silence all technology, and spend quality, connected time with your kids.

Either each kid gets a day or all on one day. Whatever works best to deliver a memorable experience for you and your kid. No matter their age.

I’ve already connected with Janae and we booked a Airbnb nearby for one night and we are going to go kayaking for the afternoon.

We will pack a lunch and eat on the sandbar. I’ll throw the ball with Baylor I’m sure and throw my girls in the air as many times as I can stand it.

We will laugh, sweat, eat, and get a good workout.


That night after we come in and get settled, we are going to review all the activities and memories we’ve done this year and this summer.

Plain ole reflection time. It helps cement the memory and spark new ideas for the future.

This was Janae’s idea using the notebook I gave her to journal about our family experiences a while back.

We even asked the kids at the beginning of the summer – what has to happen for this summer to be a great one?

We jotted down their answers and we will review what we accomplished and celebrate.

Be inspired.

Live intentionally.