Hi, I'm Wyatt Graves

My passion, my big “WHY”, is to help people: Find clarity of purpose & step into their future selves, Inspire Action, and Connect them to resources to achieve success. I help people live THEIR good lives by balancing time, money, and happiness.

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How Desires Shape Your Goals

What new things have you exposed yourself to over the last week? Desires come from the world you’re exposed to. Your desires are trained responses to your environment and past experiences. They are always up for modification. You can intentionally choose what you want, and you can train yourself to want anything. That’s where you […]

The Source of a Goal – It Starts With Exposure

Where do goals come from? People don’t know what they want, they only want what they know. One of my mentors, Ben Hardy, wrote about the source of all goals in his book Personality Isn’t Permanent. He goes on to say that all behavior is goal driven. Fundamentally, all goals come from three sources: You […]

My 1st Mastermind

This weekend, 12 amazing humans came together in search of clarity. They were already successful in many ways. They make good money, have good friends and family, and lots of other goals have already been achieved. But. They wanted more freedom & flexibility. And. They wanted more fulfillment. I’m grateful to share that we delivered […]

I hit 205 on the Scale!

I am down 55 lbs from my heaviest weight ever. I’ve been chasing physical fitness my entire life and have finally hit a stride!! It wasn’t until I found the right PEOPLE and the right RELATIONSHIPS that I started to make progress at the RATE I’ve wished for so long. And….this isn’t about me. This […]

Looking Ahead to 2023

I’ve been on a personal growth and development journey my entire life– for as long as I can remember.  The first book I read was “Becoming a Person of Influence” by John C Maxwell—and that was in the 11th grade! My personal growth and development started with the investment of a book and has grown […]