Defying The Odds — A Celebration of HEALTH!

Just walked out of my Cardiologist’s office AND for the FIRST time in over TEN years, we are REDUCING my BP meds!

“They said” it was hereditary.

“They said” is was pretty much impossible.

Today, I’m celebrating VISION, INITIATIVE, and COMMITMENT.

Im also celebrating the PEOPLE in my life that help make it all possible.

I’m living PROOF that who you surround yourself with – MATTERS.

I really am the average of the 5 people I spend the most time with!

I really am growing into the conversations around me!

Clarity really is POWER!

I know what I want and what my future self deserves.

I take initiative to move towards that desired vision.

And, I’ve chosen the right people and the right environment to help me leverage my recurring actions and remain committed to achieving my goals.

I had to laugh at myself taking selfies in front of the office. Felt silly. 😂 And, who cares! I got good news!!

You also see the other picture of my INNER AGE I recently got back.

I’m getting YOUNGER and in the last 6 months, by 6 YEARS!

There are a lot of people I need to thank and will do so individually as I run into y’all.

From my GoBundance Elite Tribe, to my coaches, friends, Janae Buchanan Graves, and workout buddies – it really does take a village and I have a freaking awesome one!!

Today is a another #goodlife day!