A Message to Realtors in a Shifting Market

Realtors –

Earlier this week, I shared this internally.

Read at your leisure if you want another perspective or opinion on how to succeed in spite of the changing market.


State of the Market, Interest Rate Hikes, Recession, and your future (as a Real Estate Agent)

by Wyatt Graves

Last week, you saw several doomsday headlines across social media outlets, news stations, and the like. They were filled with negative annoucements, layoffs across the Big Box Brands, and referenced mortgage applications declining along with other insights that left you and many others asking ‘what’s next for you?’!

Of course there were others still saying the ole tagline – ‘now is the best time to sell / buy’ and offering their opinion on home values of the future.

You also saw several Real Estate Brokerages, Team Leaders, Coaches, and MEGA Agents talk about the PURGE coming inside the world of Real Estate Agents.

If you are like most, you are left with lots of questions, scared, and perhaps confused about your future, your finances, and your family.

Where do you turn? What do you do? How do you know if it’s the right thing to do?

I’d like to publicly announce and share with each of you, where I stand and the position from which our Organization will LEAD.

I can’t argue or debate the layoffs and other factual pieces of information, such as the rise in Interest rates for home loans.

I also know there are over 4,000 Realtors inside the Baton Rouge Market and we’ve seen that number on an upward trajectory for some time now.

Inflation is real and it’s impacting everyone whether you feel it or not.

Transactions will be reduced.

The average # of transactions per agent will also be reduced.

Competition will become more fierce across ALL industries, not just Real Estate Sales, but certainly, Realtors will be impacted.

The number of Realtors will be reduced.

But what I can do is put forth and offer my perspective, that’s true to my core and personal mission, (always has been and always will be) on HOW TO RESPOND – which is perhaps different than what others are putting out …

Things are changing. And, this is not new. Change is always in the air.

Clarity is POWER.

Life happens FOR you, not to you.

You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with.

The Good Life is a life that YOU choose, intentionally, and not one that is chosen for you by past programing, market circumstances, or other external factors.

I see many of these headlines and posts as evoking FEAR and using FEAR to gain advantages with client lead generation and Agent recruitment. This is not the place from which I will lead.

You could easily read last weeks’ headlines / social media posts and think they must be right and as such, you should be scared, question your brokerage, team, or affiliation, and even your future, your finances, and family… and then react out of emotion to make your next decision, move, or investment.

There will be a lot of these kinds of decisions in my opinion because this is how most people live.

Most people do not have clarity of thier future selves.

The do not have their goals or dreams articulated, determined, or written.

Most people do not have their top 3-5 values in which they consider alignment when they make decisions.

Maybe you are one of ‘those’ Realtors who got into the business in the last 3 – 5 years for WHATEVER reason – and now – with the changes – you are considering another kind of job, a new role, a different city, or whatever – just something different.

Maybe it has been ‘easier’ to sell and succeed at some higher level as a Realtor.

Good for you if you were able to take advantage of that opportunity. That’s called WINNING.

When others are saying things like, ‘a changing tide exposes those who are swimming naked’, who are they referencing?

You? Me? 🤷🏻‍♂️


If you’re considering a change, I’m here to tell you, change is okay!

The good life is one that doesn’t hang on to past decisions and use them to hold you hostage to a life that doesn’t serve your future. You deserve YOUR good life!

Extraordinarily Successful People invest their time thinking about their future, their values, and where they want to END.

They don’t look at their past or even current circumstances to determine where they pivot or how the move forward.

That’s how people who remain average live.

And, there is nothing wrong with living an average life.

The good life is the life YOU – CHOOSE – whether it’s average or extraordinary.

I want to encourage you to, once again, take inventory of your life, your future, and find clarity around what’s most important to you.

Here is a question I ask often, to help with finding clarity of your future self:

If I were to run into you 5 years from now, or even just 3 years form now, and ask you ‘How are you doing?’ – to which you respond – “Wyatt, my life is so good I think I’m dreaming. I cannot believe THIS is MY life!” —

What has to be happening for you to give me that answer?

What do your Key Relationships look like?

Where do you live?

How many hours a day / week are you working?

What is your job? Do you have one?

What is the average daily balance in your bank account?

Do you have passive income? How much?

What about your spirituality?

What about your physical health?

When you invest time meditating, thinking, and considering the answers to those questions, that’s how you begin to establish clarity of your future self.

Only then can you make informed decisions with intention that move you towards your future self.

Maybe Real Estate Sales is not for you. That’s okay.

All the noise is essentially hyping up what’s always been the case – the natural flow of attrition inside our business.

I won’t condemn you for bowing out and learning from your COURAGEOUS decision to try something new.

Real Estate Sales is not for everyone and the changes happening are only accelerating what was already destined to happen anyway.

AND – I will help you make the next courageous decision by providing an empathetic and encouraging environment where you are able to make the next move in your career.

AND – I will help you get connected to the people, resources, or whatever necessary to find the right fit and achieve your goals.

That’s what I do. That’s what WE do.

Just as competition is heating up inside Real Estate Sales, it’s heating up in other industries, too, and that’s where OPPORTUNITY arises!

As people continue to make career changes post pandemic, everyone can re-position, upgrade, and find more alignment.

This is a good thing for many folks.

Here’s something else.

We may even have the actual job, role, or opportunity already inside of our network of businesses inside The Good Life Collective.

We have visions of what’s next for us.

Things that aren’t even here, yet!

Be intentional. Be courageous.

Communicate and talk to us about your thoughts and desires of what’s next for you and let us continue supporting you and your #goodlife.

Proclaim what you want and the universe will conspire to give it to you.

Finding clarity of purpose, inspiring action, and connecting to resources IS MY GAME.

Now – for those of you who KNOW that you are RIGHT WHERE you need to be…

– Inside of Real Estate Sales-

We still have THE place for you to prosper, even in the new landscape of real estate sales!

Realtors, Offices, and Teams with the highest trust, most options, and best strategy will succeed.

Execution with precision will matter.

Our Organization has been working on and providing RESULTS in all market conditions.

I’ve personally been a part of many market cycles and learned from each one over nearly 23 years of being in the business.

Clairty of your future self – knowing it includes Real Estate Sales – allows you the grit, determination, and focus to do what’s necessary and excel in this environment to take your unfair share of the market.

I’ll say it again…

You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with ….


You grow into the conversations around you.

From the online posts in our group, the coffee conversations, book club, in person classes, and guest speakers – to the investor meet ups, we are facilitating the conversations for you to grow into and succeed at a high level.

We are strong because of who we have in our world. You.

You know what they say, the best time to plant an oak tree was 100 years ago. The second best time is NOW.

Now is the best time in the world to RESET your 2022 Goals, start planning for an amazing 2023, and double down in the small list of activities that will lead to a majority of results you desire most!!

Lean IN and add to the contagiousness of success!

It’s all around us. It’s here. It’s now.

Your environment shapes your behaviors.

Behaviors lead to habits.

And habits determine your future!!

Collectively, let’s ensure we all know the 20% of activities that lead to 80% of the results we are seeking.

It’s my job to build the environment, curate the people, and facilitate the conversation that supports your 20%, most important activities.

It’s a guarantee of success!!

I’m grateful to be right here, right now, with each of you and those who will join us.

We are better together.

I look forward to the shift, the pivot, the work, and the results we are earning every single day!