Family Blessings and Key Relationships

They say a picture is worth 1000 words.

I know this to be true.

They say in business, you are one key hire away from greatness.

This I know to be true, too.

Today we are celebrating TWENTY YEARS of Mrs. Nelda, otherwise known as, Nanny, being in my life and the life of Janae and all 3 of our kids.

I could write a book or an entire blog series and still not communicate all the blessings this lady has brought to my life, Janae’s life, and the lives of our kids.

Before becoming our Nanny, Mrs. Nelda worked in one of my childcare centers long before I met Janae or even thought about having kids.

Mrs. Nelda is the grandmother of two boys who were customers at the very first daycare I purchased. I got to know her when she would come to pick them up in the afternoons.

When she told she wanted a job, it was an immediate YES.

And then, when Janae became pregnant with Baylor, I knew exactly who I wanted to come to our house and be a Nanny to him. Mrs. Nelda.

Thankfully she said yes without hesitation.

That was 14 years ago she made the transition from the childcare center to our home and the rest is history.

She will be retiring in August as the kids go back to school and there couldn’t be a more bittersweet and emotional thing to consider or anticipate.

That season of life is coming to an end and a new one is beginning…for all of us.

Mrs. Nelda is 100% family and will leave a legacy that words cannot describe.

To say her impact on all of our lives was large, great, profound, and all the other words…. is an understatement.

Without her in our lives, we simply would not be the people, the family, the business owners, the strong, the confident, the loved, the rested, the impactful, the prepared, the ANYTHING.

We love you Mrs. Nelda and are forever grateful. 🙏🏻

Happy 20 years and soon to be retired from work but never from our family.